Hot Days, Cool Treats….Popsicles!!!

Pineanna Pops :) I like that name! A popsicle made from pineapple and bananas. So delicious!!!

A wonderful dairy-free, soy-free treat for you and the kids! Make sure that you purée the mixture until very fine. We don’t want any bits to get through and be too icy for small teeth! Here is the recipe!

These treats contain fresh pineapple and banana (thus the name Pineanna Pops!) coconut milk and some agave nectar. A lot of people have things to say about agave nectar, but I love it. As with any thing else, you just have to do your due diligence in discovering the best one, and weed out the imitators. I have also found that it has little effect on my blood sugar. I use the Madhava Pure Organic Agave Nectar, Light or the Madhava Pure Organic Agave Nectar, Dark. I have spoken to “Chris” from Madhava and he has assured me that this is truly an organic, pure, raw agave nectar. This is the only one I use. Coconut milk has many wonderful properties; here is just one, coconut milk is rich in lauric acid, also found in human milk. Lauric acid is known to contain antimicrobial properties.

In the next few days, I will put up more ideas like this. Again, these are wonderful, little treats your kids will enjoy, but not only your kids, you will too!

Ken will put up a picture soon!

Happy, Healthy Eating,